For those who are entering the job market or thinking about entrepreneurship, getting to know the professions on the rise for 2019, 2020 and the following years is a good start.

History shows that the list of the most valued trades in the world changes over time.

Therefore, what is an important and strategic job today, may not be tomorrow.

For entrepreneurs, it is interesting to do the mental exercise of thinking about rising professions beyond 2019 and 2020.

The recommendation for this audience is to anticipate the scenario of the next five or ten years.

The logic is as follows: if certain professions will be more prestigious, a company that has a good team of professionals in these areas will be highlighted.

For those who already have a company, it is worth investing in the development and training of their employees, thinking about forming teams with the desired knowledge.

After all, many of the rising professions for the coming years will be valued precisely because of the lack of trained professionals, as we will see later.

What about workers who, for the time being, do not think about entrepreneurship?

For those who have not yet entered the job market, the need to know the rising professions for 2019, 2020 or the year they are going to graduate is obvious.

The greater the market demand for these professionals, the more promising your career will be.

Even those who are already working can benefit from improving their skills to meet market expectations and win better jobs.

If you want to know what professions are on the rise for 2019, 2020 and beyond, read on.

We have prepared the following topics for immersion in this knowledge:

  • What are the rising professions?
  • Which professions are on the rise?
    • Technology
    • Data
    • Compliance
    • Experience
    • Quality of life
    • Health
  • Most wanted professions in the labor market
  • Technology, Information Age and the job market
  • New professions of the future that will be on the rise in the coming years
    • IT manager/analyst for smart cities
    • Showroom Manager
    • Quality of life manager
    • Technician in health technology
    • Mental health therapist
    • Geneticist
  • Which professions are on the rise in 2019?
    • Data Engineer
    • Data scientist
    • Big data analyst
    • Internet of Things Programmer
    • MKT automation analyst
    • Virtual forensic expert
    • Waste manager
  • Which professions will be on the rise in 2020?
    • Artificial Intelligence Programmer
    • Machine learning programmer
    • Cloud Computing Manager
    • Security Hacker
    • Data Protection Lawyer
    • Training facilitator
    • Urban agriculture consultant
  • Main changes in the labor market for the coming years
  • How to prepare for the professions of the future?

Continue reading to check everything on the topic.

​​profissões em alta o que são

What are the rising professions?

Rising professions are occupations that are experiencing a growing appreciation in the labor market.

This appreciation appears both in the demand of employers and in the remuneration paid by them and in the consuming public itself.

Because there are areas represented mainly by self-employed workers or individual entrepreneurs, who depend on the direct relationship with their customers to earn a living.

For companies, the top professions are those with greater potential to generate revenue, either directly or indirectly.

Because of this, the wages of workers in these areas are usually very good, as it is proportional to the profit they can offer employers.

​​profissões em alta quais estão

Which professions are on the rise?

More than knowing which specific jobs tend to be more valued, it is important to know the areas of the rising professions.

Because, within these areas, new professions are likely to emerge, positions with a set of duties that today are distributed in other ways in companies.

Some of these areas are:


This is the most obvious and undeniable because the day-to-day life in organizations and in each person’s personal life is increasingly technological.

Therefore, among the main professions on the rise in 2019 and 2020 are those related to programming, especially in languages ​​related to automation, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


The same technological scenario that we talked about in the previous topic brings us to the world of big data, in which there is more and more data collection and processing.

Among the rising professions are not only those related to big data technologies but also the strategic analysis of the data obtained in the decision making of a company.


The consuming public has changed. It is more demanding and aware of the socio-environmental impact that the productive economy has on the planet.

In this way, compliance professionals – the area that is concerned with ensuring that the company complies with the laws and regulations regarding its performance – are valued.


If buying products online today is more advantageous, what is the purpose of physical stores?

A trend is for retailers to reserve physical spaces for showrooms, focused on providing consumers with impossible experiences in virtual environments.

This leads to a new manager profile, which thinks strategically about the audience’s experience.

Quality of life

This area follows a logic similar to the previous one: in a technological and hyperconnected world, there is a need to reinforce what is real, human – what the virtual cannot handle.

With the most stressed and anxious people, professions related to the promotion of quality of life should continue to increase in the coming years.


Advances in health and life expectancy will lead to an aging population.

Professions related to gerontology, therefore, will be on the rise.

The same occurs with those related to biotechnology, which promotes genetic improvement in plants, animals and even in humans.

​​profissões em alta mais procuradas mercado de trabalho

Most wanted professions in the job market

The areas we have talked about so far should be valued for issues such as advancing technology and demographic and behavioral changes.

But there is another determining factor that makes a position more or less valued by an employer: the labor supply.

The logic is the same as the law of supply and demand, which determines the rise and fall in the price of various products.

It is a relationship between the number of qualified professionals for a given job and the number of opportunities that exist for them.

As for opportunities, this is what we talked about earlier: it is market trends that make this number fluctuate.

As for the supply of qualified professionals, it is not incorrect to say that it also fluctuates according to the needs of the market, but that is only part of the answer.

There are several reasons that make certain formations more popular than others in the eyes of those who are entering a university, for example.

As not all vestibulandos think like you and try to know the professions in high, it is common that there are occupations valued with a little offer.

And also the opposite: obsolete professions, little valued, with a large number of professionals looking for placement.

But it can also happen that a career is promising not because there is a growing demand, but simply because the supply is low.

​​profissões em alta tecnologia era informação

Technology, Information Age and the labor market

To really understand the rising professions, it is necessary to analyze the context that surrounds them.

The main jobs that should be valued in the coming years are related to technology and connectivity.

After all, we are in the so-called Information Age, in which everyone is connected all the time.

This reality implies a new way of communicating, consuming, in short, new behaviors.

And also new demands: for more efficiency, automation and information.

There are those who don’t like it and prefer the simplest things – fewer screens and more eye to eye. It’s fair, but that’s just one facet of technology.

An administrator can ignore the possibilities that the Information Age and big data bring. But nothing guarantees that your competitors will do the same.

In the comparison between a company whose managers make decisions based on hard data and another in which everything is decided based on intuition, who gets ahead?

What we are trying to communicate is that even a company that offers a non-technological product or service needs to be aware of these issues.

Certainly, there are always great opportunities to promote digital transformation and modify a company’s processes, making it more competitive.

​​profissões em alta novas futuro

New professions of the future that will be on the rise in the years to come

Below, we have prepared a list with some professions on the rise beyond the years 2019 and 2020.

Keep in mind that this is just a projection, elaborated based on criteria that we have already explained throughout the text.

IT manager/analyst for smart cities

The trend is that we see connected cities, intelligent, that have numerous artificial intelligence systems and the internet of things to make them more efficient.

Professionals with knowledge in the technical and also strategic part of making the city better will be highly valued.

Showroom manager

As we explained before, the role of physical stores must change.

And this must happen in such a way that the manager will not have to worry so much about inventory, logistics and negotiations.

Instead, he should ensure that customers have the best possible experience within the store.

Quality of life manager

To have more focused, satisfied and engaged employees, companies need to value their quality of life.

Professionals specializing in best practices in this regard can also stand out as independent consultants, guiding lifestyle changes outside of work as well.

Health technology technician

It is likely that technological solutions – such as wearable devices – will become commonplace in patient care.

Professionals specialized in programming, configuration, use and maintenance of this equipment will be valued.

Mental health therapist

Currently, there are a multitude of treatments to promote people’s mental health.

As the statistics for anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders increase, these professionals should gain even more relevance.


The next few years must be one of the significant advances in the field of genetics.

This is an area that requires great specialization and many years of study.

Therefore, whoever wants to work in it should start their training as soon as possible.

​​profissões em alta quais 2019

Which professions up?

Data engineer

The data engineer is a professional with great technical knowledge, responsible for creating solutions for data collection, filtering and processing.

Data scientist

Based on the data collected thanks to the work of the data engineer, the data scientist is the one who takes advantage of these inputs to improve the processes of an organization.

Big data analyst

The big data analyst can act both in the more technical part and in the strategic analysis of the data.

From there, he can choose to specialize in one thing or become an area manager.

Internet of Things Programmer

With the internet of things (IoT), devices we use in our daily lives connect to the internet, bringing new possibilities for comfort and consumption.

Who masters the main programming languages ​​used in IoT systems will have a good job guaranteed.

MKT automation analyst

Big data and automation also arrived in the practices of communication with the target audience.

Marketing professionals with good mastery of automation tools already have great job opportunities in companies in all areas.

Virtual forensic expert

The internet is no longer a land without law.

As cyber crimes have increased, the tendency is for punishments to be the same.

Experts capable of investigating the authorship of these crimes and obtaining evidence will be very useful in that regard.

Waste manager

Concerning the reduction of environmental impact is no longer a differential between companies, it is a prerequisite.

Despite this, many companies still have much to improve.

Therefore, the professionals responsible for managing waste management will continue to increase.

​​profissões em alta quais estarão 2020

Which professions will be on the rise in 2020?

If you have your eye on 2020, keep an eye out for the following trending professions.

Artificial intelligence programmer

With artificial intelligence, machines are able to make decisions on their own.

Professionals who master the algorithms that make this “magic” happen will have a captive place in the job market.

Machine learning programmer

Machine learning is the next step to artificial intelligence: in addition to making decisions alone, machines learn from their experience to improve themselves.

Cloud Computing Manager

Most companies have already surrendered to software and systems in the cloud.

The manager of this area is responsible for coordinating the use of these solutions and adjusting them to the company’s objectives.

Security hacker

The security hacker is the professional hired to discover possible flaws in his employers’ systems.

It is not a new profession, especially in the United States, but it should become more valued.

Data protection lawyer

If everything is computerized today, information is a very valuable asset and cyber crimes are more common, it is necessary to  increase legal certainty to prevent losses.

The lawyer specializing in crimes that occur in online environments protects his clients against data leakage and related occurrences.

Training facilitator

As we are in a very dynamic market, more than technical knowledge, employees need to develop a flexible, creative and innovative mindset.

One of the best ways to transmit these values ​​is with internal training, which needs good facilitators to conduct them.

Urban agriculture consultant

Within the idea of ​​promoting quality of life, which we talked about earlier, contact with the land is one of the main allies.

As the population is mainly concentrated in cities, urban gardens are expected to be strong trend in the coming years.

Main changes in the labor market for the coming years

Right here, in this blog, we have already addressed issues such as labor reform and the outsourcing law.

These are, however, just changes in the regulation of formal jobs in the country, with the aim of increasing the supply of jobs.

For some, the changes are positive, for others, negative.

The fact is that to strategically plan a business or a career, this news are not so relevant.

It is more important to be aware of technological, behavioral and environmental trends to identify opportunities.

And also develop flexibility, as we will explain in the next topic.

​​profissões em alta como se preparar

How to prepare for the professions of the future?

To get started, look for quality training.

For those interested in the Administration area, the Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) is the best option.

Your undergraduate course is the only one to get top marks in all Enade criteria. It is a complete training, fully aligned with the demands of the current market.

In addition, the FIA ​​has Postgraduate, MBA and Master courses, enabling the expansion of the student’s knowledge.

In order to stand out in the job market of the future, however, it is necessary to understand that, with globalization, technology and competition, companies need versatile and flexible professionals.

Therefore, try to develop multidisciplinary knowledge and systemic analysis capacity, characteristics that will guarantee outstanding performance in any company.


What did you think of the professions? Are you interested in any of them?

It is important that you do not stick to the list of occupations we are talking about here, but to the areas in which skilled workers should be more valued in the coming years.

This is because the names of positions and job descriptions (list of duties that the professional has in his position) are transformed.

The skills and personal characteristics required to do the job, on the other hand, tend to be the same.

In short, our recommendation is to prepare for an increasingly technological world.

This does not mean that only technology beasts will occupy the most valued jobs in the coming years.

Precisely because of this new reality, among the rising professions, there will also be those that help people to reconnect with their human side.

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