Whether due to dissatisfaction with the current job or even for losing a job, the search for professional relocation is a reality in many people’s lives.

In the first group, the disaffected, there are 56% of workers in the formal market in the country, representing more than 30 million people.

At the other end, which includes the currently unemployed, there are more than 3 million Brazilians who have been looking for work for at least two years.

Another factor that must be considered are the changes in the market, many of them brought about by technology and digital transformation.

We have already talked here on the blog, for example, about the professions of the future, which have already attracted attention and led people to review their careers.

Whatever time you are in, it is possible that he has a decisive character, requiring a reaction to leave the comfort zone or determination to return to the market.

If you think the time has come to turn your professional life around and look for new perspectives for the future, take a few minutes to read all the tips throughout the text.

In this professional relocation guide, you will review the following topics:

  • What is a professional relocation?
  • Why look for a professional replacement?
  • Why not look for a professional replacement?
  • What does outplacement mean?
  • What is people relocation?
  • What is employability and how to calculate it?
  • What is a headhunter?
  • How to get a professional replacement in the job market?
  • Professional relocation guide: 13 definitive tips for successful professional relocation.

If the subject is of interest to you, be sure to follow through. Happy reading!

​​recolocação profissional o que é

What is a professional relocation?

Professional relocation, as the prefix “re” indicates, is the search for a new opportunity in the job market.

After all, few are those who already start their careers in the dream job and continue in it until their retirement, or even find opportunities and conditions to grow exponentially within the same company.

For different reasons, a professional may need to change their air and redirect or rewrite their trajectory.

And it’s good that there are always opportunities to start over.

​​recolocação profissional por que não buscar

Why look for a professional relocation?

The reasons for seeking a professional replacement are directly linked to his experience in the place where he works today.

For example, if you are dissatisfied with your position to the point that it is doing you no good for your health, it is past time to pursue other challenges.

Another important situation to be observed is when there is no possibility of growth in the company – no matter how hard you try.

Or let’s say you love your job, your colleagues are cool and your boss values ​​your work, but he has already absorbed everything he could from that environment. It’s time to turn on the alert and prevent it from settling in.

If you have identified yourself with any of these situations, take note of the tip: it’s time to update your resume and activate your contacts.

Now, if you have been unemployed for a while, either by choice or circumstances beyond your control and want to go back to work, professional relocation is more than necessary.

In that case, the faster the better.

Why not look for a professional replacement?

Not everyone needs to quit or look for a job at any cost, of course.

When it comes to the need to look for new opportunities and go further, it does not mean quitting a job that makes perfect sense for you just to meet the supposed pressure for change.

Anyone who feels valued likes the professional environment and has a career plan, for example, probably has no reason to seek a professional replacement, even if he has been in the same place for years.

And what about the professional with the entrepreneurial initiative?

Let’s imagine that you are out of the market, currently without a job, but already have a consolidated business plan to open your own company.

As challenging as the task of entrepreneurship in Brazil is and no matter how big the obstacles you face, it is better to try to overcome them than to be frustrated when accepting a job that has nothing to do with your professional goals.

​​recolocação profissional o que significa outplacement

What does outplacement mean?

A very present concept when it comes to professional replacement is outplacement. The English term can be freely translated as a career transition.

In practice, it is when a company is concerned with guiding a dismissed employee through training, advice or letter of recommendation, as a way to help in the process for him to get a new job.

It is a tool very much loved by companies that care about their human capital.

In addition to helping the former employee to lessen the impact of his dismissal, she also shows her employees that she values ​​her work and its importance.

What is people relocation?

Many people confuse professional relocation with the relocation of people – and they are not so wrong in doing so. We can say that the second is one of the possible ways to carry out the first.

That is, the relocation of people is, in a way, a type of professional relocation.

It usually happens in selection processes with internal recruitment, which is when the employees themselves occupy idle vacancies within the company.

This is a strategy that values ​​those who have already demonstrated that they deserve a chance to grow.

​​recolocação profissional o que é empregabilidade

What is employability and how to calculate it?

Employability is everything that concerns the admissions, dismissals and promotions regime within a company.

We can say that it is an indicator that, among other elements, analyzes the skills of the employee and compares it with the market average and that of the main competitors.

Based on the algorithm presenting as a result of this complex account, the manager has the basis to give the ideal feedback to his employee, as well as define your professional future.

The calculation of the so-called employability index takes into account three elements:

    • Candidate profile: level of remuneration, experience (total time in the area), number of promotions in a given period, among other factors
    • Profile of other candidates s: workers who work in the same field or similar to that of the compared
    • Macroeconomic variables: number of positions available in the market and number of open positions in the specific area in which the candidate works

As this is a complex calculation, the tip is to use specialized programs.

There are several tools available on the web, some of them free, including.

What is a headhunter?

The so-called headhunter is a professional specializing in finding talent for open positions.

We can say that he is a recruiter specialized in hunting the best professionals in the market for the positions requested by the contractor.

Being well evaluated by a headhunter offers a shortcut to quicker and more effective job placement, meeting your goals.

​​recolocação profissional como conseguir mercado de trabalho

How to achieve a professional relocation in the job market?

So far, we have presented theoretical issues of professional relocation, but the time has come for practice.

Getting your space in the market goes far beyond the training and attributes required for the position.

It takes determination to find the best opportunities, persistence not to be shaken by the first negatives and confidence to show your skills when the time comes.

Currently, there are even courses – some free of charge – to help those looking for a new career moment.

This is the case with CapExecutivo, a partnership between the Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) and Associação Beneficente Anhembi (ABA).

The initiative, which is over ten years old, is aimed at those who are unemployed and looking to re-enter the job market.

Through a totally free course, which has 252 hours of class and lasts all year, 35 professionals have the chance to resume their professional career or open their own business.

To participate in the selection process, it is enough to have five or more years of training in any area of ​​knowledge, to be unemployed for at least four months and to prove the need for support of a social project.

The project has the same faculty as the FIA ​​specialization courses.

They are experienced professionals, experienced in the market and fully qualified to offer the best training available in Brazil.

​​recolocação profissional guia dicas sucesso

Professional relocation guide: 13 definitive tips for a successful professional relocation

With what you have read so far, you learned about concepts and discovered possible ways for your professional relocation project.

Now, the time has come to learn the most valuable tips for succeeding in this challenge.

Put the following recommendations into practice and get closer to your goals of gaining a prominent place in the market.

1. Make a self-assessment of your career

What do you really want for your professional life?

This is the question that needs to be asked before making any kind of decision.

Without this analysis, you may adopt the path followed by other people and proposed for their needs and goals in your trajectory.

Therefore, it is essential to stop and reflect on what has been done so far and what the next steps will be from now on.

If your self-assessment says that everything is going according to plan, great.

On the other hand, if something is not making you happy, it is time to plot a change of course that will bring you closer to your job satisfaction and, consequently, to your personal well-being.

2. Choose a path and stay focused

If relocation is the way to go, it’s time to focus.

There is no point in having a career change project, for example, if the current activity takes up so much time and energy that the rest is in the background.

Or watch the days go by while deciding between looking for a job and starting a business.

Understand that the decision needs to be made and, based on it, a plan must be built.

Only then will you be able to define what steps will be necessary until its completion.

3. Set up a routine

Whether you are unemployed or just professionally dissatisfied and determined to change careers, you need to dedicate yourself to your professional relocation.

After all, it won’t happen alone, without any effort on your part.

In other words, it is only possible to take this turn if you establish a routine.

This means dedicating a few hours of your day to making contacts with companies you would like to provide services to, building networking via social networks, looking at specialized sites to see if any new vacancies have been offered, if you prefer, go door to door delivering some resumes.

The secret is to commit yourself to the search for professional relocation as if it were a real job, which has a workload and daily goals to be met.

​​recolocação profissional organize seu currículo

4. Organize your resume

The curriculum is your business card in the job market.

It is through him that recruiters and companies will have the first contact with you.

Therefore, you must leave your resume impeccable and fully updated.

The important thing is to highlight your main qualities, your most relevant experiences, your technical knowledge and extra information.

Do this with due emphasis so that your differentials prevail over competitors.

However, don’t fall into the trap of making up information. You should never cheat to guarantee your dream spot.

It is also worth mentioning that it is always good to leave a curriculum template in an editable file, which can be changed from one selection process to another.

5. Submit your resume on specialized sites

With an updated and well-organized curriculum, you can now start promoting.

The internet is a great place for this, where more people will have easier access to your profile and professional information.

There are dozens of sites specializing in job openings that allow free registration of resumes.

Some charge a small monthly fee, but they also increase the range of applications.

In addition, you can create alerts for positions that have more to do with your interests.

So, when a vacancy arises, the site will send notifications to the chosen contact form.

Another way to look for a job on the Internet is to join job groups on social media.

In this case, you are unable to register your resume, but you have access to the hottest professional opportunities at the moment.

With the reach that LinkedIn and Facebook have, for example, many recruiters don’t even offer their vacancies on specialized sites.

​​recolocação profissional crie perfil linkedin

6. Create a LinkedIn profile

Speaking of LinkedIn, this is a platform specialized in professional content.

There, in addition to information on available positions, you can closely monitor the profiles of inspiring professionals and companies that one day dreams of working for.

It is a way to meet new people, exchange experiences, increase your networking and spread your CV to a specialized audience.

Every time your personal page is visited, you receive a notification, making it possible to measure which type of data or publication generates the most interest for followers.

7. Stay up to date

What’s the most relevant within your area recently?

It is not because you are not in the job market that professional news should be left out.

In fact, it is exactly because you are on a relocation project that you must invest time to keep up to date on everything that concerns the area in which you are working or want to work.

Be attentive to all media and try to be as informed as possible.

Current affairs are also frequently addressed in selection processes.

Furthermore, it is always good to be attentive to the news of the world so as not to appear disconnected from reality or even make a mistake during a job interview.

8. Invest in you

Keeping up to date means keeping a close eye on market trends.

What software has been developed and is being used most? Which specialization is worth it? What do you need to know about industry 4.0, big data, business intelligence and other hot topics?

For those looking for a new job, investing in training is a differentiator.

Take advantage of possible free time and use that to your advantage.

Look for opportunities to improve in a certain area or to learn more about another trade.

9. Activate your networking

A great way to get back on the job is to tap into your network.

Those colleagues who once worked with you can present good references and make a referral from you.

It is always good to have qualified networking because you never know tomorrow.

It is not uncommon for a manager to abandon the idea of ​​a long selection process in order to trust the recommendation of an employee who has been in the house for some time.

10. Be prepared for interviews

The interview stage is, within the selection process, one of the most important. This is when the recruiter will have direct contact with the candidates.

The stage is a real game-changer for eventual hiring.

Being prepared for an interview means studying the hiring company so as not to be caught off guard. It is to escape the cliché answers and be as authentic as possible.

It means thinking about solutions and alternatives to company problems and making clear your willingness to seize this opportunity.

​​recolocação profissional esteja aberto oportunidades

11. Be open to opportunities

You may have left your previous job to do something you really enjoy. But that does not mean saying that we need to turn a blind eye to other opportunities.

For example, if a company offers the chance to grow, there is nothing to stop you from starting a few steps below the position you dreamed of.

Temporary jobs in an area of ​​interest are also not to be discarded without analysis.

Even if there is no guarantee of effectiveness after the end of the stipulated period, you will, in the worst-case scenario, aggregate knowledge and experience.

Also, if you play a good role, your name can head a list of future hires as soon as a permanent vacancy is opened.

12. Try to stay calm

The more time out of the job market, the more nervous and discouraged the person tends to get.

It’s a natural feeling because we tend to charge ourselves a lot.

However, one must try to remain calm. These feelings will not help your situation at all.

On the contrary, they will only bring you further down.

As you continue looking for a professional replacement, try doing some physical activity that works as an escape valve for you.

It can be a walk, meditation, gym, whatever you think works best.

13. Seek help

If even after all these tips you still feel lost and find it difficult to get a replacement in the market, using the help of a specialist in professional guidance is a good choice.

There are several types of vocational counselors who can provide the support you were lacking.

​​recolocação profissional conclusão


This article presented a guide with professional relocation concepts and tips.

We hope they help you achieve your goals.

On this journey, count on the FIA ​​.

Our range of courses has opportunities for an undergraduate to master’s, also specialization and MBA, extension and distance learning courses.

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