• 09 Dec

    Coaching: What It Is, What It Is For and Types (Complete Guide)

    Coaching is one of the words of fashion in the professional market in Brazil. We hear more and more about it.

    While some call it a fad and reject the area before getting to know it better, others try to take advantage of the possibilities it brings.

    If you are here, certainly, it is because you are part of the second group and want to know more about coaching, right?

    By John Brown Career
  • 05 Dec

    New Professions: Complete Guide to Trends for the Future

    The emergence of new professions has always been a constant in human history, following the advancement in technology and the complexity of civilizations.

    Today, it is no different.

    The labor market, whether in the public or private initiative, is renewed, requiring new skills.

    By John Brown Future
  • 04 Dec

    Mindset: What it is, Types and How to Develop Your

    Have you heard of mindset?

    Quite popular in the world of entrepreneurship, this is a concept used to describe the different mentalities of an individual and how they influence the personal and professional choices of each one.

    In free translation from English, the word means ” configuration of the mind ” and this gives us a good clue as to its meaning.

    By John Brown Career
  • 03 Dec

    Administrator of the Future: What it is, Profile and Challenges

    What can we expect from the administrator of the future and what challenges are reserved for this professional?

    This is a difficult question to answer, but many changes are projected in the way of managing businesses and people, largely due to the digital transformation itself underway.

    By John Brown Career
  • 01 Dec

    Soft Skills: What They Are, Main Types and How to Develop

    You have a full curriculum, many courses in your career, participated in several events, speak English fluently, but how are your soft skills going?

    Have you developed your personal and professional skills satisfactorily?

    If the term soft skills still sounds strange and you’re not sure what it means, it’s in the right place.

    By John Brown Career
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