Is employability among your concerns for the future?

It is natural that it is so.

We know that one of the main concerns of human beings is related to having a job or source of income to meet their basic needs.

But guaranteeing this condition involves barriers, ranging from availability in the job market to your own career choices.

In this article, we will address several aspects of the topic, in order to contribute to your better understanding and also to discuss ways to increase your employability index.

Do you want to know more about it? So, see the topics that we will cover from now on:

  • What is employability?
  • How important is employability?
  • The foundations of employability
  • What are the 6 pillars of employability?
    • Vocational adequacy
    • Professional competence
    • Suitability
    • Physical and mental health
    • Financial reserve
    • Relationships
  • What is an employability index?
  • How the employability index is calculated
  • How to test your employability index?
  • Applied examples of employability
  • How to choose the best course for the job market?
  • Most popular courses in the job market
  • What are the professions of the future (Guide for 2020)?

If the subject is of interest to you, enjoy reading!

​​empregabilidade o que é

What is employability?

We can understand employability as the set of knowledge, both technical and behavioral that are sought by the job market in a professional.

In view of the increased competition, a consequence of globalization and technological innovations, more and more companies want to count on employees who gather skills aimed at greater efficiency.

It is a movement that integrates the constant search for cost reduction, increase in productivity and improvement in the level of services provided.

Thus, employability can be seen from two angles :

  1. Ability to get a job
  2. Ability to remain employed.

For both scenarios, it is essential that the professional is attuned to changes in technology and other updates, whether in the legal framework or related to new forms of performance in the area in which he intends to act.

The value for which it is perceived by the labor market (employers) is directly linked to its degree or employability index.

Thus, the ability to innovate, to relate to other people and to come up with creative solutions to common problems is essential.

It is a differentiator both to put yourself on the market and to maintain your position in it.

How important is employability?

The changes that have occurred in the business world in recent decades have strongly influenced the concept of a career.

As a consequence, today, it is rare for a professional to continue working in the same company for long years, especially in the same role.

The impacts appear in the most varied business segments and apply to all existing professions.

As a consequence, some occupations cease to exist, while others emerge with force.

In this context, a professional with a good employability index may even be unemployed, but that does not mean that he will be totally unemployed, without remuneration.

The possibilities are many and it is necessary to be attentive to the new forms of occupation of the modern economy.

The job market has changed and will certainly change even more in the future.

Therefore, the professional of the future is the entrepreneur of himself.

Those who develop their skills better and are attentive to what companies need, showing that they are capable of reinventing themselves on a daily basis, will be able to keep their employability index high.

​​empregabilidade bases

The foundations of employability

The professional must understand that the job in which he eventually finds himself does not belong to him, but to the company that hires him.

Otherwise, employability is understood as a set of skills developed by the individual can never be removed from it.

The foundations of employability that guarantee its structuring concern three factors: skills, knowledge and network of relationships.

For a better understanding, let’s explore each of these aspects.

Among the competences, we can highlight the following:

  • Be proactive: take responsibility within your role at work and anticipate possible solutions, delivering the desired results
  • Being ethical: it presupposes a set of highly valued attitudes, such as not using privileged information to acquire personal advantages, respecting the rules established by the company and the legislation in force
  • Be self-motivated: be motivated in the face of difficulties that arise, work in harmony with your co-workers and have a vision of the future.

Regarding knowledge, the worker must keep up to date with the new demands of the business world, participating in courses, congresses, lectures and other possible ways.

Finally, with regard to the network of relationships, it is essential to cultivate bonds of friendship, disinterestedly, inside and outside the company.

In the long run, you will see that this sincere networking will allow access to new opportunities in a natural and spontaneous way.

What are the 6 pillars of employability?

Within the new paradigm of the world of work, the individual is the owner of his career, and cannot delegate its development to anyone else.

Thus, it is the professional’s responsibility to think and take control of his improvement.

The pillars of employability were developed by the writer José Augusto Minarelli, in order to provide the professional with the ability to generate work and income.

See in the following topics what they are.

Vocational adequacy

It is related to professional aptitude.

Working in the area you like can positively influence the results achieved, as there is pleasure in developing your activities.

Professional competence

This pillar constitutes the individual’s ability to keep up to date in the face of innovations in his area of ​​activity, whether through courses, lectures, books, publications, among others.


It concerns the orientation of attitudes by principles and values ​​ that take into account respect for laws, honesty and compliance with what has been agreed.

Being fit is a necessary condition for the worker to get good references in the professional market.

Physical and mental health

At this point, care is directed towards the balance between professional and personal life.

The professional who enjoys good physical and mental health is able to face the difficulties of everyday work.

Financial reserve

The existence of a financial reserve is a guarantee against moments of career instability.

With this, the professional will have more peace of mind to go through periods of low economic activity.

As a result, you will continue to focus on your efficiency and productivity.


Only genuine relationships are capable of becoming work opportunities.

Therefore, the essential thing is to think about the other person and their needs, being willing to serve and adopting an empathic attitude.

​​empregabilidade o que é índice

What is an employability index?

The employability index is an indicator that relates the skills of the worker, with that of its competitors and the demands of the market.

In this way, the professional can analyze how he is situated in relation to what the market seeks.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is essential for you to improve and thus become more attractive to employers and competitive for the market.

The ideal is that the professional has a balance between the items that are taken into account for the calculation of the index, which we are going to talk about now.

How is the employability index calculated?

The available technology has made it easier for the worker to understand and even calculate his employability index.

Today, there are several websites that aim to explain the candidate’s chances of obtaining a new placement or even a promotion in his current job.

The calculation takes into account three macro variables, which are:

  • The candidate’s profile
  • The profile of other professionals
  • Macroeconomic variables (number of open positions in general and specific to the area of ​​activity).

The knowledge of the employability index allows the professional to have more clarity of his real chances to get a certain vacancy or promotion.

The employability index is also widely used by several higher education institutions, with the aim of giving an answer to their students about the prospects of entering the labor market.

How to test your employability index?

When browsing the internet, you will find several websites that provide tests to assess the employability index.

In general, they are questionnaires that require simple answers, such as yes or no.

One of the tests is made available by the company DNA Outplacement on its page. To do this, scroll down the screen until you find the title “Employability Analysis”. Then, just answer the questions and inform your email to receive the results.

Whatever the method and website on which you conduct this assessment, testing your employability is important in order to focus your efforts on jobs that are compatible with your skills and competencies.

There are at least four reasons for you to analyze your employability index:

  • Plan your next steps in the job market
  • Enhance your resume
  • Prepare for a job interview
  • Be aware of your chances of getting a job, being promoted or even being dismissed from your current job.

The basis for ensuring a high employability rate is knowing what the market seeks from professionals.

In this way, the professional is able to match his skills with those demanded by employers, within his area of ​​expertise.

Staying in a position is far from a good choice, as this leads to being outdated, making you unable to achieve the results that are required of you.

​​empregabilidade exemplos aplicados

Applied examples of employability

Examples of applications for increasing employability are related to the development of so-called soft skills.

Behavioral skills and competences are important for every professional.

See five of them:

  • Interpersonal relationships: the quality of relationships in the work environment is essential for activities to be carried out more efficiently. Respect for other people, including knowing how to accept different points of view, is important to maintain a pleasant and collaborative atmosphere
  • Teamwork: flexibility, communication and maturity are key points for the smooth running of teamwork, in order to achieve common goals
  • Equilibrium: the professional must seek a balance between reason and emotion so that he is able to achieve the expected results. Good physical and mental health is the basis for staying productive
  • Personal marketing: it is not enough to be updated with the new techniques required, but also to know how to show your differentials. Investing in personal marketing allows the market to know your skills.
  • Improvement: seeking permanent training and having a learning attitude are important differentials to keep your employability high.

If you want to develop your soft skills, know that the Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) has a course specially developed for this.

It is the Soft Skills extension course for Project Management, which you can learn about by clicking on this link.

​​empregabilidade como escolher melhor curso

How to choose the best course for the job market?

As we have seen so far, being trained is essential to keep your employability high.

But how to choose courses that will make a difference when you hire?

Firstly, graduation can be described as a prerequisite for any area of ​​expertise.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Brazilians with higher education earn, on average, 140% more than professionals who only have a high school education.

But it is not enough to take any higher education course, of course.

It is very important to choose an educational institution recognized by MEC and by the market, whose professors have degrees from masters and doctors.

Also, check the evaluation of the course you want to take.

FIA is internationally recognized for the quality of its courses. Check out our ranking.

Also, look for information about the career you want to pursue.

What are the future prospects for her? Is it up or down?

Remember that you are now preparing to act later.

Finally, look for a career that is aligned with your skills, interests and your own personality.

Most popular courses in the job market

We know that the job market is constantly changing.

Therefore, we should not regard a list of courses with high employability as definitive.

In any case, Revista Exame conducted a survey with consultancies in Brazil, to find out which courses are most likely to be employable.

See the list below:

  1. Business administration
  2. Right
  3. Accounting Sciences
  4. Statistics
  5. Information Management
  6. Production Engineering
  7. Information Technology
  8. Human Resources
  9. Marketing
  10. Logistics.

These courses represent the development of so-called hard skills.

Regarding soft skills, the main skills to develop are:

  1. Communication
  2. Negotiation
  3. Leadership
  4. Self-knowledge
  5. Decision making
  6. Learning ability
  7. Organization
  8. English.

All of them make a difference in winning a job or even keeping it in the market.

These are skills that can be developed in varied courses and also from a coaching process.

empregabilidade quais são profissões do futuro

What are the professions of the future? (Guide for 2020)

Whether for those who are yet to enter the job market or for those who intend to change careers, knowing the trends for the future of professions is essential.

Valuing these careers is not only due to greater demand from employers but also to an increase in their pay.

As we will see below, technology plays a major role in choosing the professions of the future.

For the year 2020, the professions most likely to be discharged are the following:

It is worth remembering that issues such as labor reform and outsourcing can impact the valuation of professions.

To get deeper and learn more about the rising professions for the future, read this article.

​​empregabilidade conclusão


Employability is an ever-present topic – and will remain so.

After all, we are always concerned with the ability to generate income throughout our lives.

Both the development of hard skills and soft skills is crucial to increase the employability index.

Being attentive to the needs of the labor market is the starting point for the development of the set of knowledge and skills to be developed for this purpose.

It is already known that technology will be present in most professions of the future.

Therefore, investing in you is always an excellent strategy to remain attractive in the market.

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