• 20 Dec

    Professional relocation: what it is, how to get it and tips

    What do you do for your professional relocation?

    Think about it, but don’t be too quick to answer. The truth is that there are a lot of people who, like you, dispute a space in the market.

    Whether the unemployment rate increases, dissatisfaction with the current job or other factors, millions of Brazilians are fighting for a new career opportunity.

    By John Brown Career Useful information
  • 20 Dec

    Career Plan: what it is and how to do career management

    When you think about the future, what is your career plan?

    Believe me, having a clear definition of the next steps in the profession has never been more important than today.

    And this is especially true for those who have many personal goals to be achieved. Among them, having children, buying an apartment or traveling to Orlando, in addition to enjoying a comfortable retirement. To make these dreams come true without going through hard times, moving up professionally and earning more is essential. We know, however, that everything goes much better at work when money is not the only motivation. By nature, human beings enjoy challenges and learn new things. The career plan has to do with that too. That is, with not settling in, staying on the move. But how are entrepreneurs who founded their companies and occupy the top position in them, being responsible for important decisions? Even if they are no longer able to move up in their organizations and have no desire to return to the market as employees, it is important that they understand what a career path is. After all, in addition to the personal career plan, there is the entrepreneurial one, which concerns the careers of employees, not owners. It is a very important tool for employee motivation and, consequently, for retaining talent.

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  • 19 Dec

    ATS or Recruitment Software: Everything you need to know

    The acronym ATS and its meaning may not be known to you. But know that this software has already been part of your life.

    If you have filled out an online resume or created a LinkedIn profile, for example, you have already contaaacted ATS software.

    Before him, selection processes for large and medium-sized companies represented a headache for HR, the Human Resources sector.

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  • 14 Dec

    Professional Objective: what it is, how to define it and examples

    What is your professional objective?

    This seems like an easy question to answer but make no mistake.

    Many people fail to seize a career opportunity precisely because they slip up when explaining this aspect.

    It is more common for this to appear on the resume, which is the gateway to a new job.

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  • 13 Dec

    Career Transition: Complete Guide to Relocation

    The career transition is an option to be considered by those who are not satisfied with the direction of their professional life.

    It may be because the market is not good in the area where the worker works, so the future prospects for employability and wages are not very encouraging.

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  • 11 Dec

    Employability: what it is, importance and how to test

    Is employability among your concerns for the future?

    It is natural that it is so.

    We know that one of the main concerns of human beings is related to having a job or source of income to meet their basic needs.

    But guaranteeing this condition involves barriers, ranging from availability in the job market to your own career choices.

    By John Brown Career
  • 09 Dec

    Administrator: concept, what it does and specializations

    Do you have what it takes to be a good manager of companies?

    To know the answer, it takes more than a guess. Understanding the concept, professional training and the day to day of the administrator is the first step to be able to occupy this valued position.

    By John Brown Career
  • 09 Dec

    Coaching: What It Is, What It Is For and Types (Complete Guide)

    Coaching is one of the words of fashion in the professional market in Brazil. We hear more and more about it.

    While some call it a fad and reject the area before getting to know it better, others try to take advantage of the possibilities it brings.

    If you are here, certainly, it is because you are part of the second group and want to know more about coaching, right?

    By John Brown Career
  • 04 Dec

    Mindset: What it is, Types and How to Develop Your

    Have you heard of mindset?

    Quite popular in the world of entrepreneurship, this is a concept used to describe the different mentalities of an individual and how they influence the personal and professional choices of each one.

    In free translation from English, the word means ” configuration of the mind ” and this gives us a good clue as to its meaning.

    By John Brown Career
  • 03 Dec

    Administrator of the Future: What it is, Profile and Challenges

    What can we expect from the administrator of the future and what challenges are reserved for this professional?

    This is a difficult question to answer, but many changes are projected in the way of managing businesses and people, largely due to the digital transformation itself underway.

    By John Brown Career
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