The acronym ATS and its meaning may not be known to you. But know that this software has already been part of your life.

If you have filled out an online resume or created a LinkedIn profile, for example, you have already contaaacted ATS software.

Before him, selection processes for large and medium-sized companies represented a headache for HR, the Human Resources sector.

Imagine just having to deal with dozens and even hundreds of candidates , each with their resume, their professional experiences, academic background and so on.

It may seem cruel, but it is likely that, today, your resume will not be read by a professional until you reach (and if you reach) an advanced stage of selection processes.

Because this is what this software guarantees to happen.

A survey of Fortune 500 companies – an annual list of the 500 highest revenue companies in the world – found that only nine of them do not use an ATS.

The consultancy Bersin (Deloitte) identified that 60% of companies have some type of ATS in operation to help in the management of Human Resources.

And even if you arrive at a “human”, a statistic that is always cited is that recruiters spend a measly six seconds, on average, to “read” a resume.

So, a selection process will always be a dispute against unfavorable statistics.

It’s up to you to know how the game works and to play it .

And that match probably starts with the appointment of an ATS. So it’s important to know what it’s about.

The topics in this article are as follows:

  • What is ATS?
  • Selection process today x Selection process 25 years ago
  • What ATS software are on the market?
  • How to write an ATS-approved curriculum?
  • How do I know if my CV will be viewed well by an ATS?
  • The link between SEO and ATS.

If the subject matter, read on!

​​ATS o que é

What is ATS?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System . It is software that stores, reads and sorts resumes and cover letters.

There are several ATS brands on the market and all of them greatly facilitate the work of the Human Resources sector.

The process, previously very manual – collecting CVs, reading them and looking for a hierarchy – has now been completely computerized.

What are the advantages of ATS or Recruitment Software?

HR professionals can rate resumes as they prefer .

Some of the ATS software can still create a rating that may or may not bring you closer to what you want for a specific job.

Or, search for certain keywords and get quick answers.

The HR professional can search for renowned institutions and, thus, already separate the candidates who had a solid academic background .

Also look for the exact position they wish to fill and see which of the candidates have already played the role in their previous professional experiences.

If you need to master a language for the vacancy, you can look for that information as well.

Therefore, more than choosing the candidate directly – since it depends a lot on the interview and skills that are not necessarily in the curriculum – an ATS does something very important.

It filters the resumes and can efficiently separate who can compete for the spot and who does not fit the established parameters.

This is a great contribution, capable of saving time and resources for an entire sector, which is of enormous importance for a company, creating smart recruitment with the help of technology.

​​ATS processo seletivo hoje 25 anos atrás

Selection process today x Selection process 25 years ago

Many of our texts here on the FIA ​​Blog deal with the changes and new concepts that technology has brought .

Be it Big Data analysis, artificial intelligence, the LMS tool, in short, examples abound.

For the Human Resources sector, the changes were also marked.

To understand, just think about big companies and how they conducted selection processes not so long ago.

Want an example?

Imagine that you opened 30 vacancies to work in a large company in 1994.

The announcement was made in newspapers (classifieds) and word of mouth still had great power.

From there, resumes began to rain .

They came in all forms, with different fonts, different sizes, some giving more prominence to previous works, others listing the courses taken.

It was up to someone to organize this pile of papers, read the resumes, do the filtering work and start contacts for the next phases.

Think about work and the high number of professionals involved .

Now, go forward 25 years.

Today, a website such as is proud to have 100 million resumes in its system and 3 thousand client companies.

A company can advertise 30 vacancies on such a site and wait.

After a while, thousands of candidates will have sent their resume online to them.

And “thousands” is not a force for expression.

Just remember that Ambev’s trainee program had 70,000 applications in 2016.

There is no way they can all be analyzed right away by a professional.

That’s where ATS software comes in to do the filtering .

So, in less time, more efficiently – with well programmed parameters and a good idea of ​​the company’s culture and values ​​- the process moves on to the next phases.

The change is huge.

​​ATS exemplos mais utilizados

Examples of the most used ATS

There are several Applicant Tracker Systems systems on the market, for all tastes.

With the help of the Technology Advice website, we have separated the main ones from 2019 .


  • SmartRecruiters
  • Zoho Recruit
  • Jobvite
  • Greenhouse
  • RecruiterBox
  • iCIMS

Still worth mentioning: Workable, Taleo (or Oracle Talent Management Cloud), ClearCompany, Bamboo HR, Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting, SAP SucessFactors, Newton ATS, Paylocity and Clerate Talent.

If you are interested in purchasing ATS software for your company or industry, first, it is important to define what is vital in your choice .

The reviews that exist on the internet give the most disparate results possible.

The PC Mag website places Bamboo HR, SAP SucessFactors and Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting as their favorites.

Finances Online, on the other hand, also chooses Bamboo HR, but, in second, it mentions Zoho Recruit and, in third, ClearCompany.

So don’t go after what others say. Read the reviews, because they are important and complete.

But define what is important for you to use .

Here are some questions to ask before choosing:

  • Is connecting to social networks important?
  • Will the software be the main star or will it be integrated with other programs you have?
  • How many people will have access?
  • How many employees are there in your company?
  • Will you be able to pay (expensive) for ATS software or will you have to start with a free version?

With answers to these questions, and also according to your experience with the programs, you will arrive at your favorite ATS .

​​ATS como escrever currículo aprovável

How to write a CV approved by an ATS?

The technological factor completely changes the way you enter a selection process.

Before, you could rely more on the strength of your resume and even depend more on networking and personal skills.

Today, you need to think about the robot too .

For example, it is important that you make a different curriculum for each company selection process.

This does not mean lying or tampering with personal, professional and academic information, but writing and highlighting your best points in relation to the desired position, profile and mission of the company.

In other words, if you really have nothing to do with what the job requires or do not have the company’s profile, you will hardly ever go through the “robot phase”.

The reason for this is that ATS will take care not to give too much weight to your profile.

But if you believe you have what the company needs, you can play the role well and fit the profile, go ahead.

Use keywords that will be highlighted .

A manager can use words like leadership, teamwork, results in his professional field. And also highlight your achievements in it.

An engineer needs to give strength to his professional training and courses he took to complement his curriculum. Citing the institutions, in this case, gains even more weight.

The process of creating your resume will become less “what I have to say” and more “what the selectors and the software want to read from me”.

But, again, does not mean creating a character that is not you , as this strategy may pay off in the beginning, but it will bring the worst possible results in the end.

The idea is to highlight what is to be highlighted and cut out unnecessary information, the fat of the curriculum.

More tips for making a suitable ATS curriculum

To make the best CV for an ATS , these other tips can be valuable.

Check it out:

  • Avoid abbreviations, especially for the positions you have occupied. Not every ATS will be able to read and understand this
  • Some file types are not accepted by all ATS. The most secure are .docx and .pdf
  • Enter the name of the position. This will automatically be detected by the software
  • The professional objective field gains even more strength. Learn how to write it and avoid being vague or using clichés
  • Maintain a unique format when adding dates and experiences
  • Avoid tables.
​​ATS como saber currículo bem visto

How do I know if my resume will be well regarded by an ATS?

This is a pertinent question.

Now knowing the existence and meaning of ATS software, it can be a little scary to think about how your resume looks.

But rest assured that changes are not difficult and there are tools that can help with the process .

One of them is Jobscan.

The website uses the same algorithm as the main ATS software and allows you to paste the curriculum in one field and the description of a vacancy in the other.

In a few seconds, the two texts are read and analyzed and a note is given for their compatibility with the position offered .

Wasn’t the result so good? Read the tips given by the website and start working on your resume so that it can be better read by the software.

Unfortunately, the tool does not yet exist in Portuguese.

But if you are fluent in English, it is worth translating your CV and parts of the job description.

This way, you will be able to work on points on your resume and have feedback, gaining greater confidence before sending to the company.

In this smart recruitment, you will lead the way.

​​ATS ligação SEO lições

The link between SEO and ATS and the lessons they bring

Just as ATS software requires a change from how professionals create their resumes and think about their content, Google robots go the same way.

You may have heard the acronym SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization .

This is one of the most important areas of what we know today for digital marketing.

SEO is nothing more than the optimization of online content , of a website or blog, to appear in search engines. The most famous of these is Google.

For this, it is preferable that your content has a certain repetition of keywords (to make it clear what the main subject is), photos with titles that make sense, subtitles that organize the text and so on.

Bearing in mind that the ATS software also works with keyword detection, it prefers a certain arrangement of information and uses its own classification criteria.

But the most important thing is to think about standardization.

There are hundreds of resume templates on the internet being filled out and delivered to selectors.

In the same way that there are thousands of texts being written in all forms on the most diverse subjects.

These two tools and their intelligent robots create a hierarchy , taking into account the desires of the selector and the company (ATS) and what the reader wants to read (SEO).

And so, the candidate and the writer have to think not only about how to express themselves, but also what is expected, what questions people have and which need to be answered.

Note that we are not talking about the end of creativity, of cutting off the wings of the imagination.

You can still differentiate yourself .

But it is necessary to think about models, how your message arrives, what people want to see and read.

​​ATS conclusão


Technology has impacted in the most diverse fields and areas. And the Human Resources sector is no different.

An ATS software , or Applicant Tracking System , is a hand in hand, especially in a selection process.

When you create or edit a resume, be careful.

Not thinking about how it will be read by these robots is a huge mistake, which can cost the desired slot .

Now, in addition to exposing your academic and professional experience, you need to think about other details.

For example:

  • How do I show that I fit the job description?
  • How will someone who doesn’t know me view this curriculum?
  • Is the information hierarchy correct? Do I highlight what needs to be highlighted?
  • Is the curriculum well formatted, well written, to the point? Is there useless information?

Software is not a seven-headed bug .

He, in fact, rewards those who fit the job description and shows himself as the ideal candidate.

And that cannot be a source of insecurity.

The selection process will be more efficient, fair and productive.

It will also bring more prepared and appropriate talents to the company.

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